Websurg authentication login with facebook or  username  password remember me (needs cookies) please enter your email address in order to receive your password. Get my password access to websurg. Com is totally charge-free and unlimited in time. All streaming videos are charge-free, however, for users interested in our high quality videos (480p), they are available for purchase and download on websurg hd. cheap viagra Create account thoracoscopy in children video-assisted thoracic surgery (vats) has been used in humans since the turn of last century. buy generic viagra It is only in the seventies that vats could find some applications in children, when rodgers introduced it to perform small biopsies and decortications. how to use viagra for recreational use Today, thanks to continuous technological advances and refinements in techniques, vats has gained a wide range of indications in children. how does viagra jelly work Vats mainly deals with diseases of the esophagus, the diaphragm and the lungs, including tumors and metastasis, thoracic infections and thoracic wall malformations. Unquestionable advantages of vats include improved cosmesis and avoidance of thoracotomies with prevention of functional disorders of the thorax and shoulder girdle. how to order viagra online from india However, other presumed benefits such as less postoperative pain and fewer complications, still require systematic randomized studies. The aim of this video is to give a non-exhaustive general overview of various feasible vats procedures in children.. order viagra Fluid to dryness, the pleural surfaces were inspected. Pleural fluid and parietal pleural biopsy samples were obtained where indicated. Between six and 10 biopsies were taken per patient. An fb-240k oval fenestrated biopsy forceps (olympus) was used. Talc poudrage with 5 g sterile talc (novatech, la ciotat, france) was carried out where appropriate. A 24f chest drain (portex; smiths medical international ltd, hythe, uk) was inserted through the trocar. cheap viagra in usa All patients underwent a chest radiograph after the procedure. The chest tube was removed as soon as full expansion of the lung was confirmed radiologically. The operator recorded the image quality, the presence of pleural abnormalities on inspection, the duration of chest drainage after the procedure and the occurrence of complications. Previous section next section results between june 2004 and may 2006, 60 procedures were attempted on 59 patients. Three procedures were abandoned before insertion of the trocar as no fluid was obtained on initial aspiration despite multiple attempts. lilly pharmaceuticals viagra Hence, 57 procedures were performed on 56 patients. buy viagra online The indication in all the procedures was a unilateral pleural effusion of unknown cause, with no diagnosis on blind pleural fluid aspiration. buy viagra cheap The median age of the patients was 68. 5 yrs. The range of ages was 20–90 yrs, with 19 patients aged ≥75 yrs. There were 37 males a.