Ariety 422 external hemorrhoids complicated with fissure 423 chapter xxviii 424 differential diagnosis between hemorrhoids procidentia recti and polyps 427 cants clamp adjusted for excision of protruding internal hemorrhoids colored 438 internal hemorrhoids treated by the injection method 468 internal hemorrhoids clampandcautery operation 470 hemorrhoids 471 chapter xxx 473 adenoma of the rectum magnification 8 484 adenoma of the rectum magnification 2 30 486 nonmalignant tlmors rectai polyps 497 polyp weighing four ounces one hundred and twenty grams removed by the ligature operation 499 polyps in a child three years of age removed by torsion ioo xxxvii large fibrous polyp of several years standing d nonmalignant growths polyps 501 malignant tumobs carcinoma true cancer and sarcoma 502 statistics of cancer 503 statistics of anorectal cancer 504 carcinoma etiologv 506 location of cancerous tumors in one hundred cases examined by the author 511 carcinoma of the rectum 514 metastatic deposit in lymphnode from colloid carcinoma of the rectum 520 frequency of intestinal sarcoma in different decades 521 sarcoma of the rectum 522 fibrosarcoma with multiple fistulas colored 531 malignant tumors 577 533 chapter xxxiii 534 colostomy 017 539 statistics of operability of rectal cancer 564 statistics of incontinence following proctectomy 575 permanent results obtained from rectal excision by leading operators of europe 576 chapter xxxiv 582 case of double procidentia of part of descending colon and rectum colored 616 chapter xxxv 619 keubalgia nerveache asb hyperesthesia hysterical rectum 625 neuralgia due to scartissue 633 hyperesthesia of the rectum 634 chapter xxxvii 635 synopsis of fiftyfour cases of enteroliths and intestinal concre tions collected by the author 642 enteroliths and intestinal calculi 043 643 chapter xxxviii 645 mill stick in the rectum death from peritonitis 650 chapter xxxix 653 tardieus statistics regarding the ages and occupations of ped erasts 654 chapter xl 660 authors analysis of one hundred and seventy thousand rail way cases 667 synopsis of thirty cases of rectal and anal diseaseb treated by the author at the kansas city fort scott memphis railway hospital from january 1... cheap viagra buy viagra cheap viagra generic 669 index 671 copyright less other editions - view all diseases of the rectum and anus samuel goodwin gant full view - 1905 diseases of the rectum and anus samuel goodwin gant full view - 1906 diseases of the rectum and anus samuel goodwin gant full view - 1902 view all » commo. viagra power movie viagra online forsale where to buy viagra in edinburgh generic viagra canada expired viagra safe buy viagra